Hey there! 
My name is Oxana and I`m a photographer based in Houston TX. 
I moved to USA when I was 19. I get asked a lot why did I move and the main reason was so I can be myself. It was a long way to be where I`m at. It wasn't easy however I don't regret it. I`m finally Home. 
I was fascinated with the world of photography since I was 16. I was introduced to the world of fashion in my university ages and it became my obsession since then. I was able to buy my first camera with the money I won in gambling thanks to my dad who was obsessed with sports. 
I`ve tried variety of photo styles however none of it seems to suit me as it makes me feel like trying to fit in. I like mixing fashion with beauty and add people personality.   
I was published in Houstonia, Elegant magazine and Mkovah magazine.